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I had pretty much the same reaction when i heard about the live-action Akira remake starring Zack Efron, but anime fans across the world there is no need to vomit! I bring you good news!

Keanu Reeves has turned down the role of Kaneda in the no-longer-upcoming live-action Akira remake and Warner Brothers has completely shut down the project. It seems the studio heads are having a hard time seeing an idea this bad actually make money without Keanu, who seems to be the king of that sort of thing. Either way the movie is dead and lowlifes across the world couldnt be happier. Thanks Keanu! Everyone go watch Constantine again to celebrate.



Totally forgot about this amazing website. Get lost in the most comprehensive pile of internet puke in existence. Just so you don’t miss out on the shock and awe you have to click one of the little red balls to start the adventure.

Why The Venture Brothers Is The Most Well Drawn Apeshit I’ve Ever Seen

You’re welcome. 

2011? Surely you mean 1714!

This man, Heribert Illig, is the developer of the Phantom Time Hypothesis, which is quite possibly the most important conspiracy theory to come out of the early nineties. Illig claims that through intentional calendar-manipulation, Otto III and Gerbert d’Aurillac created not only the entire Carolingian period, including the person of Charlemagne, but everything that happened between AD 614–911. Yes you read that correctly. Those 295 years simply did not happen. This entirely reasonable hypothesis is based on a scarcity of archaeological evidence from that time and an “over reliance on written sources by medieval scholars.” This is without a doubt the greatest cover-up in the history of man and its about time we blow the lid off this thing. Quickly faithful readers, head to the lowlifehightech store and purchase your official 1714 calendar now! Due to a printing error the first 27 calendars sold will include the bonus months January, February AND March of 1715! Hurry now, supplies are limited!

Take a deep WIF of my GIF

They Should All Be DELETED

Sweet Youtube Channel, but you have to sift through some horrible, cheesy bullshit. But for a chance to see Chromosaurus, it’s worth it.

The Number of People Who Will Survive the Apocalypse

This is so depressing I need a drink.