You are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.

Deathstar Project Gets a Green Light

The European Commission has recently approved plans to build a trio of lasers that will each make all current beams look like laser pointers.

“The three new lasers – one each in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania – are set to be completed by 2015. Each will fire pulses that reach a power of 10 petawatts (1016 watts) – the equivalent of several hundred times the power used by human civilisation.”

So why build a destructo-ray you ask? Purely scientific purposes, so cool your jets Obi Wan. 

“The uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics implies that space can never be truly empty. Instead, random fluctuations give birth to a seething cauldron of particles, such as electrons, and their antimatter counterparts, called positrons.

These so-called ‘virtual particles’ normally annihilate one another too quickly for us to notice them. But physicists predicted in the 1930s that a very strong electric field would transform virtual particles into real ones that we can observe. The field pushes them in opposite directions because they have opposite electric charges, separating them so that they cannot destroy one another. Lasers are ideally suited to this task because their light boasts strong electric fields.”

But don’t rule out lasers as the next generation of kick-assery. The U.S. will be ready to take care of your rebel friends soon enough.

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