You are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.

America, a Beautiful Place Where People Can Get Really Really Pissed Over Stuff Like This (ALSO NOW OUR POSTS ARE IN RED WHITE AND BLUE CHYEAA)

Well look how fancy shmancy we are with our new colored font, hopefully this will make it easier for all 3 of our dedicated fans to  figure out where posts end and begin. Maybe.

In honor of our newfound abilities I went out in search of anything remotely interesting to talk about in relation to font, and was actually surprised. Check this fer realz documentary out

I knew people HATE comic sans, but apparently it goes so much deeper in the world of graphic design. Talks are held, websites are actually updated, and even ze German news pays attention.

Now I’ve never been incredibly moved by the type, but the more I look at it and search for it the more it fucking disgusts me. And who doesn’t have at least a little utter hatred for that font? I’m pretty sure every announcement hung up by a dorm room RA has been printed in comic sans, which says a lot.

So fuck it, I’m on board. DOWN WITH COMIC SANS

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