You are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.

The Last Astronaut…Starring Tom Cruise

So China is kickin’ ass with it’s space program. Ever since they became the 3rd nation to launch dudes into space in 2003 they’ve been working double time to appear more kick ass than America and Russia.

Yang Liwei, the first space walking taikonaut, is a pretty hardcore dude. He played it cool when he landed with a flesh wound from the bumpy reentry in 2003. OR SO THEY SAY. Apparently he was covered in blood from G-force pressure. whoa.

AND apparently State media said Yang’s capsule was supplied with a gun, a knife and tent in case he landed in the wrong place.

Lots of people in the US are a little worried, seeing as there’s a military vibe resonating off China’s program. This has led the good ol’ US of A to take a second look at space protocol and procedure, which MIGHT mean a bigger NASA budget soon LETS GET THOSE PROTON TORPEDOES  FIRED UP AND JOIN THE REBELLION ALREADY AM I RIGHT

We may have something to worry about with China, but they have their share of fuck ups.

On February 15, 1996, during the flight of the first Long March 3 B heavy carrier rocket carrying Intelsat 708, the rocket veered off course immediately after clearing the launch platform crashing 22 seconds later. It crashed 1,850 meters away from the launch pad into a nearby mountain village, destroying 80 houses according to the official count, and killing more than 500 civilians according to unofficial Chinese sources.[15]

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