You are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.


So hopefully you’ve heard that Anonymous recently tore Aaron Barr, a top executive at HB Gary, a new asshole after the security firm boasted that they were going after the hacker group. Sooooo in rebuttal Anonymous published 50,000 of  of their e-mails and cracked Barr’s twitter. YOUR MOVE HB

And apparently their taking their next move pretty seriously. From

“Among the emails that were published was a report prepared by HB Gary — in conjunction with several other top online security firms, including Palantir Technologies — on how to destroy WikiLeaks.  The emails indicated the report was part of a proposal to be submitted to Bank of America through its outside law firm, Hunton & Williams.  News reports have indicated that WikiLeaks is planning to publish highly incriminating documents showing possible corruption and fraud at that bank, and The New York Times detailed last month how seriously top bank officials are taking that threat.  The NYT article described that the bank’s “counterespionage work” against WikiLeaks entailed constant briefings for top executives on the whistle-blower site, along with the hiring of “several top law firms” and Booz Allen (the long-time firm of former Bush DNI Adm. Michael McConnell and numerous other top intelligence and defense officials).  The report prepared by these firms was designed to be part of the Bank of America’s highly funded anti-WikiLeaks campaign.”

The leaked e-mails suggested numerous ways to destroy WikiLeaks, some of them likely illegal — including planting fake documents with the group and then attacking them when published. Making Wikileaks illegitimate in the eyes of the media is the number one priority. This goes hand in hand with the government’s plan to bring down the whistleblowers.


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