You are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.


Ihats right ladies and gentlemen, independence day 2 and 3 are on their way to a 3d theater near you. The two films will be shot back to back with staggered release dates so that 20th Century Fox can make more money.

No word yet on any Jeff Goldblum involvement but i dont see how they could possibly do it without him. The hit or miss or miss or miss or miss director of the original, Roland Emmerich, has reportedly signed on to direct the sure-to-be-moneymaker, which is fantastic because they really needed someone to sit in that chair and hold the megaphone and hes had lots of practice.

Unfortunately this means that Emmerich will have to put his upcoming motion-capture 3d Foundation trilogy on hold, which is very disappointing news to all the people who cant wait to make loads of money from that disaster. Maybe while hes working on ID4 2 and 3 Roland will realise that Asimov deserves better.

Will Smith, all warmed up from filming MIB3 (also in 3d) is totally freaking ready to take part in this exciting business venture. Well, for the small starting bonus of $20 million and just a little more off the back end. 20th Century Fox is all too happy to hand over this little slice of their Avatar fortune for what is sure to be another 3d success. And by “3d success” i mean they are going to sell the same movie (in 3d!) to the viewing audience at almost triple the price (and triple the proceeds) to make up for the loss in profits the movie industry has been seeing since the early 2000s. This means all us lowlifes have to pirate even fucking harder to combat this blatant raping of the customer by the film industry, now run almost entirely by super-villains.


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