You are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.


Advertising has made huge strides recently to live up to the paranoid expectations of sci-fi nerds everywhere:

I would lure that thing out of the mall and make sure it was run over by a bus.

Then there’s this innovative technology, finally bringing cereal into the 21st century. Seriously, people in Africa get their internet from goats and Trix boxes come to life before your eyes.

The cool thing about this is there’s no strings attached; Induction power, which uses a magnetic field to transfer engery between two objects instead of wires or batteries, has finally started to crawl into our lives through the senior citizen guarded, automatic doors of Walmart. This is the way of the future people, and it’s about damn time.

Unfortunately this is horrible news for all you electrophobes. Keep those mesh suits on standby.



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