You are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.

Ground Control to Major Tom Hanks

So yesterday was the 40th anniversary of Apollo 14, totally spaced on that fun little fact. God bless those crazy astronauts; after seeing what Tom Hanks went through on Apollo 13 I’d have my doubts.

January 31 marks another important event in space travel: the Mercury-Redstone 2 (MR-2) mission, which launched the chimpanzee named Ham into a suborbital, 16 minute space ADVENTURE. Interestingly enough Ham’s flight paved the way for Alan Shepard’s suborbital space flight (the first American/second man in space), who then went on to command the Apollo 14 mission 10 years later to the day.

Apollo 14’s mission was based in the Fra Mauro Formation, where Apollo 13 was supposed to go. They did a bunch of tests with Suprathermal Ion Detectors and Laser Ranging Retroreflectors, ya know, the works.


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