You are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.

And WOW! That Looks Really Shitty

World of Warcraft is lame for about a million reasons and I can write most of them off by saying that the life consuming mmo is not for me. But the one thing I dont understand is the awful graphics. World of Warcraft looks like complete shit. It looks like a cutscene from a playstation 1 game. It looks like an episode of Reboot on scrambled cable. It looks like a project i made in middle school using bryce 5. And if you squint your eyes hard enough it almost looks as good as the original pixar animation with the lamps hoppin around. Almost.

this is a preview for warcraft 3 that was released in 1999, 5 years before world of warcraft took over the lives of nerds everywhere.

fucking epic. And this is what world of warcraft looks like, for anyone whos been under a rock since 2004.

dear blizzard, if i have to see WOW crap everywhere i look can you at least make it awesome?

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