You are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.

Coming Soon to a Torrent Site Near You!

So here are some new movie trailers from the internet that tickled my fancy.


kinda District 9, kinda Mars Attacks, twenty bucks says michelle rodriguez dies near the end.


not sure how excited i should be about this movie but im really excited. it has a certain magic shittyness that we havent seen much of since the golden age of movies ended. filming is still going on so we wont be seeing this one for a while and the whole project has a “might not ever happen” feeling to it, but im pulling for them. check out the official site for tons more about nazis.


Adam Yauch, better known as MCA of the popular hip and hop ensemble The Beastie Boys, directed himself a short film. Little is known for sure about the film but the internets are abuzz with excitement and speculation. the most popular rumor seems to be that the film will act as a sequel to the Fight for your Right music video, and after taking one look at the cast list omg i cant waaaiiit…

THE TRASHMASTER (im calling this one an honorable mention)

this link doesnt jump to a trailer, this one is actually to a full length movie. well, not a real movie. french filmmaker Mathieu Weschler played way too much GTAIV for two years and the product is an 88 minute long machinima made using the euphoria engine. as far as watchability goes this movie is seriously the worst, but you have to give the guy a little credit for the scale of the whole project. but not much credit, seriously this movie is fucking awful.

and in “Why Do Assholes Insist on Remaking Movies that Don’t Need It” news, this means, um, something? complete lack of deets FAIL imdb. a quick google search turned up this link which proves there is no god.

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