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Egypt is following suit with Tunisia if you haven’t heard. Lots of protests goin down

Thanks to twitter we can see it happen live

Check. It. Out.

Twitter is currently blocked in Egypt. Looks like the government over there has its own killswitch.

These protests are a little scarier since American funds Egypt much more than Tunisia (including $1.3 billion in annual military aid). If the Egyptian government decides to fight back, they’ll be using firearms paid for by America to fire into a crowd.

Egypt is ranked 138th of 167 countries on The Economist‘s Democracy index, a widely accepted measure of political freedom. That ranking puts Egypt just seven spots ahead of Tunisia. And Egyptians are significantly poorer than their cousins to the west.

Meanwhile Tunisia is trying to sniff out the bad eggs and get their government up and running again. People are still taking to the streets and protesting the corruption and political injustice seen in their government officials, much of which is thanks to wikileaks.

Now if you haven’t been keeping tabs on the wikileaks in the last few months, you’re retarded. Cyberwars, Low Orbit Ion Cannons, Sex Scandals, Hillary Clinton’s face getting more wrinkles…who isn’t interested?

I’ve been planning on doing a wikileaks post for a long time now, and it’s reached its boiling point. So here it goes…

Wikileaks raises incredibly concerning issues for society. This is the first time in history where we as a culture must look at our government’s secret actions, which IS all for the preservation of our society, in the face. Even if it means murder, theft, and bullying. What do we do? What CAN we do?

For one thing, we can help Bradley Manning, who is the soldier who allegedly leaked this video a couple years ago by copying to a CD and smuggling it out of Afghanistan by labeling it as a Lady Gaga album. This started it all for wikileaks in American mainstream media. Be warned, it’s kinda hard to watch

Manning is currently being held by the military in solitary confinement, even though there is evidence linking him to wikileaks.

“U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning, the 22-year old shouldering blame for leaking the U.S. Embassy Cables, spends his days pacing and sleeping, which he does on a prison bed with no pillow or blanket since the guards at the Marine Brig in Quantico, VA took his away. He isn’t allowed to exercise. In general, Manning’s detention seems designed to break his will and his humanity in maximum security lockdown. For 23 out of the 24 hours each day Manning is alone. Without any record of misbehavior or disciplinary issues, he’s been deemed a “Maximum Custody Detainee.” That designation means Manning’s been in solitary confinement since he entered Quantico. And here’s the kicker: Private Manning remains un-convicted of a single crime. He’s been accused of leaking classified document to Wikileaks, but after five months of solitary and some time spent in a Kuwaiti prison, the 22-year old is still being held on accusations alone. As long as the Department of Justice’s investigation is pending, he’ll be held at Quantico indefinitely.”


The U.S. is mighty P.O.ed at Julian Assange, the face of wikileaks, after the leaks about the U.S. foreign policy which reveal “memos under Clinton’s name suggesting America’s top diplomat asked subordinates to spy on their foreign counterparts, Agence France-Presse reported.In one instance, a memo signed by Clinton wanted U.S. diplomats to get “biographic and biometric information” on top North Korean diplomats at the United Nations inNew York.”

Hillary was PISSED.

This really fucked with America’s game. Wikileaks was pulled from’s hosting (thankfully millions of mirror sites shot up instantly) and Mastercard and Paypal refused to allow customers to donate to wikileaks, all due to pressure from the government. In response, the 4chan hacker group Anonymous declared war on all enemies to wikileaks and took down Mastercard’s website. They use Low Orbit Ion Cannons to flood the website with requests, overloading the site and subsequently shutting it down.

Anonymous has been at war ever since, and is still carrying out operations even though their twitter was suspended. Same with wikileaks, who plan to release some interesting material about swiss bank accounts.

But the US government isn’t out of the game by any means. There is a grand jury currently in Alexandria, VA digging away at anything they can find to make a case against Assange. They want to extradite him to America and charge him of espionage crimes against the U.S., but he’s already got his hands full with the sex scandal which landed him in a British jail cell. The “sex crime” he was charged for apparently boils down to a broken condom. C’mon, you think this guy would sexually assault a lady?

The world is going crazy people. Wikileaks is the biggest thing since sliced bread, keep an eye out. And remember, no matter what happens, what they say, Julian’s death WILL BE MURDER.

For more info check these out

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