You are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.

Everything’s so…JUICY

So a fresh LSD research video from the 1950s surfaced recently, and this one is a gem: its a good old fashioned housewife tripping balls.

Gotta love this subsection of the internet. Watching people on acid who have never had all of their friends’ acid trips described to them a million times is just NOT something you see anymore.

But of course there is a dark side to this research, like the military’s project MKULTRA in WWII; weird LSD tests with a little Canadian mind control and Prostitute driven hypnosis research sprinkled in. Then there is the tale of that poor French town Pont-Saint-Espirit, in which all the inhabitants might have been drugged for some sick CIA experiment.

But no one wants to CARE about that. Lets see some more funny videos of people geeking out!


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