You are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.

No More Traffic!

This is a post written by Brendan. At 5 in the morning. Obviously drugs were involved. HOT WHEELS LEADIN THE WAAAYYYY

I have designed a new system for intersections that does not require cars to stop.
Lanes leading up to intersections will split into three lanes: left straight and right (see diagram 2). As cars enter the lane a sensor talks to a chip in the car and adjusts the speed of the launching wheels accordingly. The launch system is basically a really big hotwheels track that flings the cars off a ramp at the end of the lane. The ramp is aimed a another receiving ramp where the driver wants to go. The chip in the car tells the wheels the speed required to land them on the ramp. The ramps are all angled for different heights so that a car can be flying off of every ramp at once with no collision. Can you imagine seeing 12 cars launched simultaneously over an intersection? The future is here.
P.S. I posted this from a Droid.

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