You are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.

In the Book

So this journalist did a one month experiment on facebook to understand how it works, and its insane. Fuck the bullshit at the beginning of the article, check out the 10 biggest secrets of facebook. the way the algorithm works in a cultural context is disturbing. This is the craziest one.

Having Friends Who Stalk You WILL Help Your Popularity. After Phil spent days posting updates in vain, with most of our volunteers seeing none of them, we tasked a handful of friends to start showing more interest in Phil. Even though he wasn’t showing up in their feeds, they sought out his Facebook page repeatedly, clicking on links he had posted and viewing his photos. This was the point at which Phil finally began to break through. It took a few days of constant clicking, but not only did the friends doing the stalking begin to see Phil in their Top News feeds—others who weren’t stalking began noticing him as well.”


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